TENDER Weight Indicator and Controller

The output of load cells is a small voltage of several millivolts which needs to be amplified using an analog-to-digital converter to be displayed. The Tendar Weight Indicator uses the cutting-edge A/D converter technology for this signal conversion and weight indication.

14 different models

Depending on the requirements of industrial processes, the Tendar weight indicator can be equipped with multiple relays or no relays. If equipped with a communication protocol, the device can be connected to other devices such as PLCs and HMIs through RS485 modbus protocol, RS232 serial port, and analog output of 4 to 20 mA. The Tendar indicator comes in 14 different models to prevent imposing any extra costs on the craftsmen.

The dimensions of the Tendar weight indicators are compatible with the standard 96×96 size, and the device can be used on a desk or mounted in a panel. Although designed for rough industrial environments, the appearance of the device takes into account the elements for an elegant look.

Simple and accurate calibration

The calibration procedure and the settings of Tendar weight indicator are designed to be simply handled by an operator while meeting the different industrial needs. The calibration procedure can be carried out both manually and through formulation, for which the technical specifications of the load cells are required to be correctly input to the device in order to achieve the best performance.

Compatible with different industrial needs

The Tendar weight indicator is capable of storing 8 formulas, allowing the user to use the same device for the weighing and batching procedures at different times without readjusting the set points.

Moreover, the device offers a unique feature which reduces the error associated with mid-air load (the load poured after issuing a stop command). The device reduces the pouring speed of materials by applying connect and disconnect pulses to the discharge opening towards the end of the process, hence minimizing the error of the calculated load weight.